Past Workshops

2023-2024April 14, 2024Making a Difference in Chronic PainSuzanne Candell, PhD LP6 CEUsView Page
2023-2024Oct 28, 2023Symptom Solutions:
Hypnotic Language &
Applications for Trauma
Wendy Lemke, LP6 CEUsView Page
2022-2023June 15-17, 2023Taming Anxiety Toolbox: An Integrated ApproachCarolyn Daitch, PhD13 CEUsView Page
2022-2023Apr 29, 2023Potpourri of Effective Hypnotic Skills for Children & AdultsLinda Thomson, PhD6 CEUsView Page
2022-2023Feb 19, 2023Trauma, Dissociation, and Hypnotic TechniquesDebbie Bensching, LICSW3 CEUsView Page
2022-2023Jan 28, 2023Parenting & Hypnotic SupportCarol Siegel, PhD LP3 CEUsView Page
2022-2023Nov 19, 2022Decoding the Language of the BodyAngie Gwiazdon, MSE3 CEUsView Page
2022-2023Oct 8, 2022Rosenthal Retreat
The Suggestible Brain
Amir Raz, PhD6 CEUsView Page
2022-2023Sept 17, 2022Member Clinical Hypnosis Practice RefresherCarol Siegel PhD LP
Heather Klein PhD LP
3 CEUsView Page
2021-2022Jun 16-18, 2022Annual MSCH Workshops in Clinical HypnosisJanina Fisher, PhDView Page
2021-2022June 10-11 &
June 18, 2022
Level I Training in HypnosisMSCH FacultyView Page
2021-2022April 30, 2022More Common Therapy: Hypnotically Informed PsychotherapyRobert Staffin, PsyD, ABPH6 CEUsView Page
2021-2022March 26, 2022Using Hypnosis to Accept the Unacceptable Part 2Suzanne Candell, PhD, LP3 CEUsView Page
2021-2022February 19, 2022Hypnosis with CouplesJennifer Stoos, MA LMFT3 CEUs View Page
2021-2022Spring Monthly SeriesExploring HypnosisCANCELLED
2021-2022January 9, 2022Accepting the UnacceptableSuzanne Candell, PhD LP3 CEUs View Page
2021-2022September 8, 2021
October 6, 2021
November 3, 2021
December 1, 2021
Fall Monthly Series
Exploring Hypnosis
Heather Klein, PhD LP
Carol Siegel, PhD LP
8 CEUs View Page
2021-2022November 20, 2021CAP: Hypnosis for GI Issues: An Integrative ApproachMark Weisberg, PhD ABPP3 CEUs View Page
2021-2022October 23, 2021Rosenthal Retreat Hypnosis in the Art and Science of PsychotherapyDelle Jacobs, LICSW, LMFT6 CEUs View Page
2021-2022September 25, 2021Clinical Hypnosis Practice/RefresherHeather Klein, PhD, LP
Carol Siegel, PhD, LP
3 CEUs View Page
2020-2021June 2021The Discriminating Therapist: Hypnosis in Enhancing Decision-MakingMichael Yapko, PhD, LP12.5 CEUsView Page
2020-2021April 2021Clinical Hypnosis in Integrated Health Care: Advancing Hypnotic Trance Elicitation and Intensification Skills and Refining Pragmatic Skills for Management and Resolution of Discomfort for Patients with Pain Using Clinical HypnosisG. Lane Wagaman, EdD, Licensed Psychologist6 CEUsView Page
2020-2021February 2021I’ve Done the Induction, Now What?
The Essentials of Hypnotic Utilization
Suzanne Candell, PhD, LP3 CEUsView Page
2020-2021November 2020The Hands Have it: Ernest Rossi’s Ideodynamic Hand Techniques for Mind/Body Communication and HealingDelle Jacobs, LICSW, LMFT3 CEUs View Page
2020-2021October 2020Rosenthal Retreat
Depotentiating Conscious Sets
Stephen Lankton, LCSW, DAHB, FASCH6 CEUsView Page
2020-20212020 Fall Monthly Member Series
2019-2020April 2020Shep Myers: Ego State Therapy & Hypnosis:
The Healing Power from Working with States of Self
Wendy Lemke, MS, LP6 CEUsFlyer
2019-2020February 2020Tailoring the Hypnotic Experience:
Co-Authoring the Hypnotic Narrative through
Dialogue, Sensory Engagement, and Client Preferences
Heather Klein, PhD, LP3 CEUsFlyer
2019-2020November 2019Attachment Themes in Adult/Parent Psychotherapy:
Using Metaphor and Imagery
Carol Siegel, PhD, LP3 CEUsFlyer
2019-2020October 2019Rosenthal: Enhancing Your Clinical Practice Using Practical Hypnosis InterventionsDavid Reid, PsyD, FASCH6 CEUsFlyer
2019-2020September 2019Being Hypnotic: A MSCH Member Practice SessionHeather Klein, PhD, LP
Carol Siegel, PhD, LP
3 CEUsFlyer
2018-2019June 2019Annual Workshop: Mindful Hypnotherapy, Stress Management & Integration of Clinical Hypnosis in Psychotherapy PracticeGary Elkins, PhD, ABPP, ABPHFlyer
2018-2019April 2019Shep Myers: Enhancing EMDR Therapy with Hypnotherapy InterventionsJill Strunk, Ed.D, LP6 CEUsFlyer
2018-2019February 2019Deep Dive into Ideo-Motor SignalingRalph McKinney, PhD, FASCH, LP3 CEUsFlyer
2018-2019November 2018Shifting States: Using Hypnosis with CouplesJennifer Stoos, MA, M.Div, LMFT3 CEUsFlyer
2018-2019October 2018Rosenthal: Hypnosis for Healing Complex Chronic Pain: A Proactive Response to the Opiate Prescription Crisis with Compassionate, Patient-Centered Care Mark Weisberg, PhD, ABPP
Al Clavel, Jr, MD
6 CEUsFlyer
2018-2019September 2018Getting Better at Crafting SuggestionsSuzanne Candell, PhD, LP3 CEUsFlyer
2017-2018June 2018Annual Workshop: Hypnosis is For Everyone: Tailoring for Gender and CultureJulie Linden, PhD
2017-2018April 2018Shep Myers: Psychodynamics, Attachment and Physiology:
Hypnosis and the Healing Brain/Body
Mark Weisberg, PhD, ABPP6 CEUsFlyer
2017-2018January 2018Exploring and Expanding the Possibilities of Self-HypnosisDelle Jacobs, LICSW, LMFT3 CEUsFlyer
2017-2018December 2017BrainspottingMichael J. Maley, PhD, LP3 CEUsFlyer
2017-2018November 2017Making New MemoriesJim Amundsen, PhD, LP3 CEUsFlyer
2017-2018October 2017Rosenthal: Hypnosis for Treating Health Issues
in Patients with Psychological Trauma
Suzanne Candell, PhD, LP6 CEUsFlyer
2017-2018September 2017InterPlay: Movement, Voice, Story and Stillness Practices
to Engage the Wisdom of the Unconscious
CathyAnn Beaty, MDiv3 CEUsFlyer
2016-2017June 2017Annual Workshop: Healing the Wounds of Development: Attachment Theory & Hypnosis, An Integrated Approach to Psychotherapeutic TreatmentEric Spiegel, PhD, LP
2016-2017April 2017Shep Myers Workshop Evidence-Based Hypnotherapy: Hypnosis Intervention for Hot Flashes, Stress, and Deeper SleepGary Elkins, PhD, ABPP, ABPH6 CEUsFlyer
2016-2017February 2017A Different Lens: Unfolding Potential in Persons of All AbilitiesChristi Siegel, MA, LP3 CEUsFlyer
2016-2017January 2017A Next Step on the Road to Hypnotic ProficiencyDavid Alter, PhD, LP, ABPP, ABPH, FACHP3 CEUsFlyer
2016-2017December 2016Healing Chronic Pain From the Body upAl Clavel, MD
Mark Weisberg, PhD, LP, ABPP
3 CEUs
2016-2017October 2016Hypnotic Lessons from the Neurodiverse: A Hitchhiker’s Guide
Reorienting our understanding of mind, trance, hypnosis and how we change
Laurence I. Sugarman, MD, FAAP, ABMH6 CEUsFlyer
2015-2016May 2016A Next Step on the Road to Hypnotic Proficiency: An Experiential Practice Session Linking What you Know with What you are Ready to Learn NextDavid Alter, PhD3 CEUsFlyer
2015-2016April 2016Healing the Heart: A Day of Contemplative Practice and ReflectionRabbi Amy Eilberg6 CEUsFlyer
2015-2016January 2016Recovery of Hope and Faith in the Face of Loss:Promoting in-session Resourcefulness – Utilization in Every Day EncountersHarriet Kohen, LICSW, CPT
Deb Rich, PhD Denise D’Aurora, MEd, LP
3 CEUsFlyer
2015-2016November 2015Accessing The Creative Flow of Trance:Building on the Lessons from Stephen Gilligan’s June 2015 WorkshopDavid Alter, PhD3 CEUsFlyer
2015-2016October 2015Rosenthal: Integrating Hypnosis and Meditation for Mind/Brain ChangeAnnellen M. Simpkins, PhD and C. Alexander Simpkins, PhD6 CEUsFlyer
2015-2016September 2015Healing the Body/Mind:
Creating Re-Regulation Experiences for Medical Patients with Psychological Trauma
Suzanne Candell, PhD3 CEUsFlyer
2014-2015April 25, 2015"No Self" Therapy:
Therapy When "Nobody is Home"
Noel R. Larson, PhD3 CEUsFlyer
2014-2015March 2015Hypnosis and Mindfulness Part II: Self-CompassionPeggy Trezona, MS, APRN, CNS
Kate Pfaffinger, PhD
4 CEUsFlyer
2014-2015February 2015Being Hypnotic in Couple's Therapy, Part 2Greg Heberlein, MA
Jennifer Stoos, M.DIV,MA
3 CEUsFlyer
2014-2015January 2015Common Anxieties
Children: Fear of Dark, Sleep, Change
Adults: Fear of Driving, Flying, Bridges, Etc.
Becky Kajander, CPNP
Helen Paul, PhD
3 CEUsFlyer
2014-2015November 2014What's Up With Alert HypnosisDavid M. Wark, PhD, ABPH3 CEUsFlyer
2014-2015October 201419th Annual Rosenthal Retreat
The Poetry of Language:
Hypnotic Rhythms of the Body-Mind
George Glaser, LCSW, BCD, DAHB6 CEUsFlyer
2014-2015September 2014Being Hypnotic in Couple Therapy: Part 1Greg Heberlein, MA
Jennifer Stoos, M.Div, MA
3 CEUsFlyer
2013-2014March 2014Counting Sheep: Hypnotic Approaches
to Treatment of Insomnia
Ewa Peczalska, PhD3 CEUsFlyer
2013-2014February 2014Helping Families to Develop Mindfulness
and Self-hypnosis Skills for Daily Transitions
Kevin Harrington, PhD
Lynda Richtsmeier Cyr, PhD
3 CEUsFlyer
2013-2014January 2014The Many Faces of Dissociation:
The "Trance" of Survival
Noel Larson, PhD,
3 CEUsFlyer
2013-2014November 2013Applications of Age Regression
in Therapeutic Hypnosis
Delle Jacobs, LICSW, LMFT3 CEUsFlyer
2013-2014October 201318th Annual Rosenthal Retreat
Powerful Healing in Integrative Medicine:
Developing Characteristics and Strategies for Success
Sheryll A. Daniel, PhD
Mark Weisberg, PhD, ABPP
6 CEUsFlyer
2013-2014September 2013Clinical Hypnosis for Affect RegulationWendy Lemke, M.S.3 CEUsFlyer