2024 Shep Myers Memorial Workshop with Suzanne Candell

Please join the Minnesota Society of Clinical Hypnosis in welcoming Suzanne Candell for our 9th Annual Shep Myers Memorial Workshop via Zoom on Sunday April 14, 2024, as she presents “Making a Difference in Chronic Pain: Therapeutic Principles and Hypnotic Strategies.”

This event is being recorded, and will be available for two weeks to those who register.

April 14, 2024

9 AM – 4:30 PM CST

Making a Difference in Chronic Pain: Therapeutic Principles and Hypnotic Strategies

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Sometimes with chronic pain patients, we may feel we can do little more than help them cope with symptoms that seem unchangeable. We are puzzled and maybe a bit annoyed that chronic pain patients can’t seem to make meaningful use of our medical interventions, self-care recommendations, or cognitive behavioral approaches to helping with pain. What we may not yet realize is that we must enable mind/body re-regulation before patients can adhere to medical recommendations or work with higher-order, cognitive and behavioral tools to help with pain.

Making a difference in chronic pain requires us to become experts in mind/body re-regulation skills grounded in the research regarding the psychophysiology of pain and trauma (chronic pain is often experienced as an inescapable threat by patients). These approaches are “bottom up” and emphasize experience before analysis, sensing before intellectualizing. They allow us to help patients actually decrease pain instead of just learning to cope with it. To invite patients to experiment with these powerful but challenging strategies, we must also actively facilitate an attuned, “right-brain to right-brain” therapeutic relationship. With a foundation of an attuned, attachment-informed approach to treatment, the overarching goals of a mind/body approach to treatment of chronic pain is to create experiences that enable awareness, tolerance, and modulation of the dysregulated mind/body to decrease pain, decrease distress, and improve functioning.

This workshop will focus on hypnotic and other mind/body strategies that build awareness, tolerance and modulation of sensation to decrease pain, regulate emotions, enable an adaptive pace for living and improve capacity to engage in multi-disciplinary treatment. Strategies will include formal hypnotic tools, as well as “being hypnotic” through the use of hypnotic language, brief hypnotic approaches and mindfulness. When and why to use strategies will be emphasized, as well as how to tweak strategies to enable persistence in patients who become dysregulated while attempting them. Hypnotically-informed strategies to enable attunement will be identified and their use throughout treatment described.

DateSunday April 14, 2024
Time9 AM – 4:30 PM CST
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Making a Difference in Chronic Pain Objectives


Suzanne Candell, PhD, LP is a clinical psychologist in private prac:ce in Minneapolis. She specializes in health psychology, specializing in pa:ents with chronic medical condi:ons such as pain, func:onal G/I disorders, and incurable illness. She has a par:cular exper:se in addressing the unique needs of chronic medical pa:ents with psychological trauma histories. Dr. Candell is an approved consultant in Clinical Hypnosis through the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis. She has presented on a variety of hypnosis topics to health care professionals locally and na:onally.


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