2023 Workshop with Carol Siegel: Parenting & Hypnotic Support

Parenting and Hypnotic Support

Carol Siegel, PhD

Saturday, January 28, 2023

This presentation will be recorded, and available for two weeks after the event to registered people.

Presentation Information

DateSATURDAY January 28, 2023
Time9 AM – 12 PM CST
ASCH Approved CEUsNo ASCH CEUs, but a 3 credit CEU certificate for those who can apply to their board
Member Cost$30
Non-Member Cost$40


Parenting is a complex process that pulls on long-ago experiences in childhood. It is particularly challenging for people who are trying to do it differently with their own children and yet find themselves repeating old patterns. This presentation will discuss the role of implicit memory in parenting, the challenges of “swimming against the current,” and the use of metaphor and hypnotic interventions to help replace unwanted, automatic patterns.


  • Describe the role that implicit memory plays in parenting
  • Name three metaphors that can be used with parents to explain parenting concepts
  • Construct hypnotic interventions to strengthen parents’ ability to replace old patterns with more flexible, thoughtful responses 

Agenda (all times CST)

9:00 – 10:30Lecture, Metaphors, Demonstration
10:30 – 10:40Break
10:40 – 12:00Lecture, Hypnotic interventions, Practice


After completing an undergraduate degree at the University of Michigan and a Master’s degree in Expressive Arts Therapy at Lesley College in Massachusetts, Carol trained with Judith Kestenberg, MD, a psychoanalyst who was interested in nonverbal aspects of parent/child relationships and how parents’ experiences affect the development of their children. At Dr. Kestenberg’s center, she learned about infants and toddlers and how to help children and parents navigate typical developmental challenges of childhood.

Carol studied clinical psychology at the Wright Institute in Berkeley, California and completed internships at the San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center, the Infant Parent Program at the University of California, San Francisco, and McLean Hospital at Harvard Medical School in Belmont, Massachusetts. She also studied neuropsychological assessment of adults at the San Francisco Veteran’s Administration and child neuropsychology at McLean Hospital. She is very interested in how the mind makes sense of experiences that have wired the brain.

Carol is also co-president of the Minnesota Society of Clinical Hypnosis.


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