2021 Fall Exploring Hypnosis

Exploring Hypnosis:  A Monthly Series to Enhance Skills and Confidence

Fall, 2021:  Strengthening Relationships through Clinical Hypnosis

Hello MSCH members and others in the clinical hypnosis community!  We invite you to register for our monthly learning series, Exploring Hypnosis. In these meetings we explore clinical hypnosis through readings, discussion, and experiences. 

The focus of our series this year is Strengthening Relationships through Clinical Hypnosis. It will run from September 8th through December 1st.  The topics are listed below:

9/8      Session 1: Therapist/Client Relationship

10/6    Session 2:  Relationship to Self/Ego strengthening

11/3    Session 3:  Couples and Sexuality

12/1    Session 4:  Parent/Child Relationships

We will provide the readings ahead of time and all learners are welcome, regardless of experience level.  This will be an opportunity to deepen your interest as well as get to know other clinicians who are using hypnosis in their practice.  

Due to uncertainty about COVID, we will continue to meet on line through Zoom. We have learned from experience that you can enjoy studying and practicing with other group participants through a virtual platform.  Given the nature of this group, we ask that you commit to attend all of the meetings in the semester.  

Dates:                          Sept 8, Oct 6, Nov 3, and Dec 1, 2021

Time:                           7pm to 9pm CDT –  2 CEUs provided per meeting, 8 for the semester

Cost per semester:     $80.00 ($20.00 per meeting, four meetings per semester)

Readings (journal article, book chapter, etc.) will be provided beforehand and serve as the focus of the evening.  In addition, there may be a guest speaker who is particularly expert on the topic.  

We look forward to studying with you! To register, please contact Carol Siegel at cfsiegel@gmail.com or Heather Klein at heather.klein@parkdaletherapy.org

Thank you!